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    Ketamine Therapy for Mental Health

    The Ketamine Experience at Revitalist

    he moment you walk through the doors at Revitalist, you’ll encounter a world centered around your wellbeing and healing. Under the expert guidance of industry luminary Kathryn Walker, our team of committed professionals will accompany you on every step of your ketamine treatment journey. Our approach to care is holistic, taking into account not just your physical needs, but also your mental and emotional well-being.

    Your journey begins with an in-depth initial consultation, during which we aim to understand your unique health history and concerns. This allows us to tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, maximizing the effectiveness of the therapy while minimizing any potential discomfort.

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    Let our treatment options help you cope with your mental health.

      As you embark on your treatment process, you’ll find yourself in a calm, supportive environment designed to put you at ease. Our treatment rooms are thoughtfully designed to inspire tranquility and comfort, ensuring that you feel relaxed and safe during the infusion.

      Throughout your treatment, our team is always available to address any concerns or questions you may have. We are passionate about your comfort and understanding, ensuring that you’re always informed and in control. But our relationship doesn’t end with your treatment; we continue to be there for you, providing follow-up care and support as needed.

      Our ketamine therapy at Revitalist is more than just a treatment – it’s a transformative journey towards improved health and wellness. So, take the first step today and experience the healing power of ketamine in the nurturing environment of Revitalist.

      Initial Consultation

      Taking the first step towards healing, your initial appointment at Revitalist begins with a comprehensive consultation, either with our esteemed leader, Kathryn Walker, or one of our highly skilled team members. This meeting is an integral part of our holistic approach to your wellness journey, as it allows us to get to know you, understand your unique needs, and tailor a treatment plan that is as individual as you are.

      During this in-depth discussion, we will delve into your complete mental and physical health history. Our objective is to map out a clear picture of your past and present health conditions to inform the best possible treatment path. At Revitalist, we firmly believe that in-depth knowledge of your overall health status is fundamental to optimizing your treatment outcomes.

      But this consultation is not just about us getting to know you; it’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the treatment process. We understand that embarking on a new therapy like ketamine treatment may bring up a myriad of questions and concerns, and we are here to alleviate any apprehension you may have. We strongly believe in the power of clear, open, and honest communication, so we encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings freely during this session.

      Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your health background and current status, we will determine the initial dose of ketamine for your treatment. This dose is primarily calculated based on your weight but is fine-tuned with consideration for factors such as your age and overall physical condition. We ensure the dosage is tailored in a manner that it balances effectiveness with comfort, ensuring an optimum therapeutic response.

      As your treatment progresses, we continually monitor your response and adjust the dosage accordingly. This personalized approach to dosing allows us to fine-tune your treatment for the best possible outcome. Each step of the way, we prioritize your comfort and wellbeing, ensuring a smooth and beneficial experience for you.

      In essence, your initial consultation is a critical step towards a more vibrant, healthier you. It sets the foundation for a personalized treatment plan that recognizes and respects your individuality. At Revitalist, we are committed to standing by you, guiding you through every step of your wellness journey, ensuring you feel understood, cared for, and empowered.

      The Ketamine Treatment Process

      Upon your arrival for the infusion, one of our caring nurses will guide you to a private treatment room where you can remain comfortably in your regular attire. We respect your need for support and allow the presence of friends or family members during the treatment if you wish.

      Step 1: Thorough Preparation

      Your ketamine infusion journey at Revitalist commences with meticulous preparation by our proficient medical team. This initial phase involves recording your vital statistics, which serves as the baseline data to monitor your body’s response throughout the procedure.

      The subsequent step involves the gentle insertion of a small needle into a vein in your arm, wrist, or hand. This needle connects to a slim, flexible tube known as an intravenous (IV) line, the conduit through which the ketamine solution will flow directly into your bloodstream. We understand the potential apprehension associated with needle insertion, and we assure you that while you may experience a brief moment of discomfort, it quickly dissipates. Our providers also offer numbing medication at the site of the needle injection. Many of our clients that are hesitant of IVs are able to successfully have IVs inserted without having any discomfort.

      Our highly skilled nursing team is adept at minimizing discomfort, and we will ensure that the insertion process is as smooth and pain-free as possible. This careful preparation is part of our commitment to making your treatment experience at Revitalist as comfortable and anxiety-free as we can.

      Step 2: Controlled Infusion

      Once the preparatory stage is completed, we initiate the central aspect of your ketamine therapy: the infusion. The IV tube is securely connected to a fluid bag, which holds the ketamine solution. This bag contains the exact dosage of ketamine meticulously calculated for your treatment based on your body weight, age, and overall health condition.

      Our well-designed infusion system ensures that the ketamine flows smoothly and directly into your bloodstream, optimizing absorption for maximum therapeutic benefits. The drip rate is carefully calibrated to administer the drug steadily over the treatment period, thus ensuring a controlled, sustained release of the medication.

      The administration of the ketamine infusion doesn’t happen in isolation; it occurs under the vigilant, watchful eyes of our experienced medical team. At Revitalist, we prioritize safety and accuracy in every aspect of our care. Throughout the infusion process, our staff remains alert and attentive, continuously monitoring your progress and ready to adjust the flow rate or take any necessary action at a moment’s notice. Your well-being is our ultimate concern during each stage of your treatment experience.

      Step 3: Monitoring

      Throughout the procedure, we utilize non-invasive equipment to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation. Our staff will also closely observe your response to the medication and adjust the ketamine drip rate accordingly.

      During your infusion, which can last from 1-4 hours, our treatment rooms’ dimmable lighting and Wi-Fi facilities allow you to create a comfortable environment. You may choose to listen to your favorite music on a mobile device.

      It’s worth noting that a small number of patients may experience mild nausea during treatment. If this happens, we can administer anti-nausea medication through the IV. If you are prone to nausea or motion sickness, please inform us ahead of time so that we can proactively manage it.

      Step 4: Post-infusion Recovery and Care

      After the successful completion of your ketamine infusion, our team will smoothly and painlessly remove the IV tube from your vein. At this point, you may feel slightly different due to the medication actively leaving your system.  However, we assure you that this is completely normal and transient.

      After the IV removal, we encourage you to take your time to relax and regroup in the comfortable confines of your private treatment room. The serene, calming environment allows you to gradually reorient and assimilate the post-treatment sensations at your own pace. Remember, this is your healing journey, and there’s no rush.

      The immediate effects of the ketamine infusion typically dissipate within 15-20 minutes after the conclusion of the treatment. This brief transitional period allows the body to adjust to the post-infusion state before you return to the familiarity of your everyday activities.

      Although individual reactions may vary, most individuals experience a rejuvenated state of being post-infusion, feeling capable and ready to resume their normal daily routines. In many cases, our patients even feel refreshed enough to return to work the same day.

      However, we recommend listening to your body and giving yourself the rest and relaxation you need. The team at Revitalist is committed to ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and empowering recovery process following each ketamine treatment.

      The Ketamine Infusion Experience

      Your journey with ketamine treatment at Revitalist is far less intimidating than one might imagine. The therapeutic dose for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other mood disorders is considerably lower than that used in surgical procedures, ensuring a mild and often pleasurable experience.

      As the ketamine infusion commences, you will begin to feel its effects within minutes. There is no loss of consciousness, and no hallucinations occur. You may feel a profound sense of relaxation and full mental engagement, often accompanied by an “out of body” sensation described by some patients. This dissociative effect can be slightly unusual but is typically associated with a better response to the treatment.

      Our dedicated team is always present to ensure your safety and comfort, and they are well-equipped to handle any anxiety or moments of unease you may experience.

      Kickstart Your Healing Journey at Revitalist

      Taking the first step towards a healthier, happier life can be challenging, but the supportive team at Revitalist is eager to accompany you on your transformative healing journey. Our goal is to redefine your wellness experience through our carefully curated ketamine treatments, strategically designed to offer a powerful boost to your well-being.

      Our warm, welcoming environment is perfect for individuals or loved ones dealing with an array of conditions including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mood disorders. We strive to offer an oasis of tranquility and support, giving you the strength and positivity you need to combat your challenges.

      To commence your healing journey, we invite you to reach out to us. We provide multiple channels for communication – you can easily fill out our online contact form with your details and queries. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, we’re just a phone call away on our hotline.

      Our responsive team ensures every inquiry is treated with the utmost importance and handled professionally. Rest assured, your communication will be treated with confidentiality and respect, embodying our commitment to your privacy.

      Embarking on the path to recovery might feel daunting, but remember, you are not alone. At Revitalist, we are more than a clinic; we are a supportive community. Your fight is our fight, and we’re ready to walk this path together. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you into the Revitalist family and accompany you on your journey to wellness.

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        The Future of Mental Wellness

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        How Does Ketamine Work?

        Ketamine has been shown to stimulate neuron growth in the brain in as quickly as one hour. Many scientists studying ketamine are focusing on the neurotransmitter glutamate, which plays an important role in neural activation.

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        The Revitalist Provider Portal allows your doctor to easily, and with much attention to privacy, refer you for consultation. Should you receive treatment, we will communicate with your existing provider(s) regarding your care.

        How Soon Will My Symptoms Improve?

        More than 70% of patients with treatment-resistant depression (including bipolar patients) experience rapid relief after a low-dose ketamine infusion. Similar success rates have been seen in returning combat veterans suffering from PTSD.

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