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    In an era marked by rapid changes, escalating stress levels, and unprecedented challenges, mental health has come to the forefront of global discourse. The need for comprehensive, empathetic, and individualized mental health support is more pressing than ever. At Revitalist, we acknowledge this reality and strive to offer holistic counseling services designed to support individuals traversing various stages and challenges in life. Our commitment is unwavering: to offer a safe harbor amidst life’s storms, a place where healing, growth, and self-exploration are nurtured.

    Every individual’s journey is distinctive, often interspersed with unique hurdles and victories, joys and sorrows, strengths and vulnerabilities. Life’s journey can sometimes be a rough terrain of emotional trials and personal hardships. At other times, it’s an invigorating quest for emotional growth, spiritual enlightenment, or self-discovery. Regardless of where you currently stand in your journey, Revitalist is ready to extend the support you need.

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    Let our treatment options help you cope with your mental health.

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      The cornerstone of our counseling services is the nurturing of growth. Whether you’re grappling with life’s challenges, seeking personal development, or striving to reach your full potential, we provide the guidance and support you need. We are here for you in times of hardship and pain, and also in your pursuit of emotional or spiritual growth.

      At Revitalist, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality counseling services. As such, we strive to make our services accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances. We understand that the path to holistic wellness is a journey, and we are committed to being your reliable partner on this path.

      Our team of highly trained, compassionate therapists are dedicated to providing a safe, non-judgmental space where you can feel seen, heard, and supported. They work closely with you, employing a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs and therapy goals.

      In essence, Revitalist Counseling Services is not just about navigating life’s challenges; it’s about transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and learning. It’s about moving beyond surviving to truly thriving. It’s about embarking on a journey towards a more enriched, fulfilling life.

      Join us at Revitalist and start your journey to holistic wellness today.

      A Therapeutic Approach Tailored to Your Unique Journey

      At Revitalist, we acknowledge the inherent uniqueness of every individual’s mental health journey. Our therapeutic philosophy is deeply rooted in this understanding, and it’s reflected in our personalized, multifaceted approach to therapy. We firmly believe in meeting you where you are, fostering an environment that respects your experiences and works in line with your unique needs, aspirations, and therapeutic goals.

      To achieve this, our therapists are extensively trained in a diverse spectrum of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. This broad repertoire allows us to tailor our approach, ensuring that we provide you with a therapeutic experience that resonates with your unique circumstances, preferences, and personality. We place significant emphasis on adopting a client-centered approach, ensuring that you remain the focal point of your therapy journey.

      Our therapeutic journey together commences with a comprehensive assessment. This initial step is crucial in enabling us to understand your experiences, your current situation, and your therapy goals. With this understanding, we collaboratively develop a treatment plan specifically designed to help you navigate towards your goals.

      The therapeutic modalities we employ are varied, embracing both traditional and more contemporary therapeutic techniques. This includes widely recognized approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a technique designed to challenge and change unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a highly effective method for treating trauma. We also provide specialized techniques like Acceptance and Integration Therapy (AAIT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS), both of which aim to foster internal harmony and self-awareness.

      In line with our commitment to offer innovative, comprehensive care, we also provide services like Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and Integration. This pioneering approach combines the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances with psychotherapy, providing a novel avenue for healing and personal growth.

      At Revitalist, we recognize that your journey towards mental wellness is your own. However, we’re committed to walking with you every step of the way, providing the personalized support, expertise, and compassion that you need. With our diverse therapeutic modalities and client-centered approach, we aim to ensure that your therapeutic journey is not just effective, but also empowering, enlightening, and enriching.

      Counseling Across the Lifespan: From Childhood to Senior Years

      At Revitalist, we firmly believe in providing a supportive environment for mental health wellness across all stages of life. Understanding that the challenges faced at different life stages can vary significantly, we offer specialized counseling services tailored to cater to the unique needs of different age groups. From children and adolescents navigating the complexities of growth, to adults and seniors dealing with life’s myriad challenges, we are committed to being a dependable pillar of support for you and your loved ones.

      We offer counseling services to children aged four to twelve, helping them cope with the social, emotional, and cognitive changes that come with early life. Our therapists utilize age-appropriate techniques to create a safe and nurturing space where children can express themselves and learn strategies to deal with their challenges.

      For adolescents aged thirteen to eighteen, we provide therapeutic services designed to navigate the often turbulent phase of adolescence. We focus on helping them understand and manage the changes and pressures that come with this stage of life, providing them with the tools they need to thrive.

      Our counseling services for adults aged nineteen to sixty-four and senior adults aged sixty-five and above address a broad range of issues, including stress, relationship challenges, career transitions, and the struggles of aging. Our therapists strive to provide a supportive, compassionate environment where individuals can explore their feelings and develop effective coping strategies.

      Adhering to Tennessee law, we acknowledge the right of minors aged sixteen and above to consent to mental health care. However, in recognition of the pivotal role family plays in a minor’s mental health, we maintain a policy of not treating minors without the consent or involvement of their parents or guardians. We believe this collaborative approach is crucial in fostering holistic wellness and ensuring effective therapeutic outcomes.

      Broad Spectrum of Therapy Goals: Tailoring Our Approach to Your Needs

      At Revitalist, we recognize that individuals seek therapy for a multitude of reasons. Each journey to emotional health and well-being is unique, characterized by a distinct set of challenges, needs, and goals. We appreciate this diversity and are committed to providing holistic, personalized care, addressing a wide array of therapy objectives.

      Whether you are grappling with stress management issues, symptoms of anxiety, or mood disorders, we provide expert support. Our therapists are skilled in numerous modalities, enabling us to help you develop strategies for coping with and overcoming your specific challenges.

      Interpersonal relationships can often be a source of deep emotional turmoil, and we offer specialized therapy for this domain. Whether it’s marriage counseling or support with other interpersonal relationships, we focus on providing you with the tools you need to build healthier, stronger connections.

      Parenting, with its myriad of joys and challenges, can also benefit from therapeutic intervention. We offer support and guidance to help you navigate the parenting journey, addressing common struggles and promoting positive parent-child relationships.

      We also recognize the profound role spirituality plays in many individuals’ lives. If you’re seeking spiritual exploration or struggling with existential questions, our therapists can provide compassionate guidance, offering a safe space to explore your spirituality and its impact on your overall well-being.

      One of our areas of expertise lies in trauma healing. Utilizing techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, and Somatic Experiencing, we aid in processing traumatic experiences, helping you find relief and move towards healing.

      If you are struggling with conflicts, whether personal or professional, we offer conflict resolution therapy. Our approach is geared towards helping you understand the root causes of conflicts and develop effective resolution strategies.

      Perhaps you’re seeking support for career transitions or looking for life coaching. Our therapists are experienced in helping clients navigate these significant changes and transitions, offering guidance to align your career and life with your values, passions, and goals.

      Additionally, we understand the importance of personal exploration and growth, and provide therapies that encourage self-discovery and personal development. Whether through Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Positive Psychology, we guide you on a journey of self-understanding, growth, and self-actualization.

      With a wide array of therapeutic modalities at our disposal, we are equipped to handle an extensive range of therapy goals. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), to the Gottman Method for Couples, Psychodynamic Therapy, and even Existential Therapy, we match our therapeutic approach to your unique needs, ensuring a customized, effective path to your emotional health and well-being.

      The Counseling Relationship: A Commitment to Your Well-being

      The journey towards emotional health and well-being is rarely linear, often encompassing both progress and setbacks. However, the therapeutic relationship forms the cornerstone of this journey, offering a supportive space to navigate these complexities. At Revitalist, we believe in fostering a counseling relationship characterized by safety, trust, and a deep commitment to your well-being.

      Therapy is about more than merely alleviating symptoms or resolving issues; it’s about finding innovative and courageous responses to the difficulties you face in life. Our role in this process is to work collaboratively with you, creating a secure, confidential, and criticism-free environment. Here, you can freely explore these difficulties, your feelings, and the strategies you currently employ to manage them.

      The counseling relationship represents a substantial investment, demanding not only financial resources but also time and energy. Your commitment to this process is critical in facilitating meaningful change and growth. This dedication is reflected in the time you allocate for therapy, the mental and emotional effort you put into each session, and the financial resources you invest in your mental wellness.

      To optimize the benefits of therapy, we typically recommend weekly sessions at the outset. Regular appointments foster a sense of continuity and build momentum in the therapeutic process. This frequency also helps cultivate a sense of safety and trustworthiness in the counseling relationship, enabling you to feel more comfortable in sharing your experiences and emotions. Over time, as you become more familiar with the process and as we develop a deeper understanding of your unique needs, the frequency of sessions can be adjusted to best support your ongoing journey.

      At Revitalist, we understand that the counseling relationship is a partnership, built on mutual respect, collaboration, and commitment. We stand ready to support you at every step of your journey, offering professional guidance, empathetic understanding, and unwavering dedication to your well-being. Your emotional health is our priority, and we are committed to being your trusted partner in the therapeutic process.

      Navigating the Counseling Process

      The counseling process can provide relief for anxiety or pain; however, it may also increase your experience of anxiety or pain. The outcome of counseling cannot be guaranteed, but honesty and openness in the counseling relationship will enable the process to progress most effectively, increasing the likelihood of a successful experience.

      We firmly believe that safety, confidentiality, and trust are essential to successful counseling. All conversations, records, and even the fact that you are a client, are kept strictly confidential, adhering to the legal and ethical guidelines of mental health practice.

      We are committed to respecting the beliefs, lifestyles, and traditions of all our clients. After assessing your personal concerns, we will collaborate with you to set counseling goals that are mutually agreed upon. If we believe that you might be better served by another professional or agency, we will provide appropriate referrals.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Do you accept insurance?

      Some insurance providers do cover mental health services. However, insurance and counseling can be complicated. Medical insurance is often helpful for diagnosed medical problems but may not cover relational issues such as marital distress or parenting struggles. It generally requires a mental illness diagnosis for a client to use insurance.

      What are the costs?

      Our standard rate for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is $125 per 50-minute session, but we may consider discounts based on a sliding scale. Rates for individual psychotherapy vary and are determined by individual therapists. We recommend contacting your local clinic for more information.

      At Revitalist, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care. We strive to provide services that are as accessible as possible, helping you navigate your emotional landscape and achieve your mental wellness goals. Your journey is unique, and we’re here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Connect with us today to take the first step on your therapeutic journey.

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        How Does Ketamine Work?

        Ketamine has been shown to stimulate neuron growth in the brain in as quickly as one hour. Many scientists studying ketamine are focusing on the neurotransmitter glutamate, which plays an important role in neural activation.

        Can My Doctor Refer Me To Revitalist?

        The Revitalist Provider Portal allows your doctor to easily, and with much attention to privacy, refer you for consultation. Should you receive treatment, we will communicate with your existing provider(s) regarding your care.

        How Soon Will My Symptoms Improve?

        More than 70% of patients with treatment-resistant depression (including bipolar patients) experience rapid relief after a low-dose ketamine infusion. Similar success rates have been seen in returning combat veterans suffering from PTSD.

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